Product Review: NSP 11′ Coco Mat SUP

NSP 11′ Coco Mat SUP

The SUP movement is here to stay and now there’s a model available for any size and skill level. What makes the NSP Coco Mat SUP unique is that it’s the first to integrate real coconut husk fibers directly into the deck. That means it looks great and partially comes from recycled materials. Today we’re doing a product review on the NSP 11′ Coco Mat SUP.

The NSP 11′ Coco Mat SUP measures 11’x31″x4.25″ with single fin or 2+1 configuration. That adds up to 190L of displacement and weighs only 24lbs. This is THE board for you if you’re just starting out and want something that will help you build your SUP skills quickly. It really excels in both flatwater and small waves. Don’t be surprised if your friends try it and won’t get off.


The length, width and displacement means it will float just about any rider. The width ensures supreme stability in a variety of conditions. NSP has been in the epoxy surfboard/SUP game for years now, and their manufacturing process ensures a super strong board without extra weight.

Please take a look at the NSP 11′ Coco Mat SUP here. You can browse our other SUPs in the online store here.

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